Naming our secret special advisor to launch Risk Register as a Service.

We are preparing to launch a campaign to reveal the identity of a feared figure in the security sector, currently known only as “the Gentleman Bank Robber.”

The individual has built a long career advising some of the world’s biggest institutions on matters such as anti-money laundering, disaster recovery and risk management, and has most recently carved out a unique niche putting some international banks’ systems to the test with real-life security breaches. Having designed and implemented processes and controls, now those same firms are hiring him to do the opposite: try and break them.

Having most recently conducted an incognito mission to Hong Kong in the employ of a major hedge fund, this individual successfully gained access to the bank’s trading floor and was able to send messages from a secured terminal.

Now back in the UK, he is contracting on various assignments including working as a special advisor to Galibier, whose clients in high-risk sectors are particularly keen to meet him and gain insight into his exceptional methods.

As we look at our proposition during this time when survival is top of the agenda, we recognise that our fundamental offering to most if not all of our clients is around risk and reputation.

We have worked with this person as one of our advisory panel for many years, without our clients ever being aware of the other side of his work. Now we are preparing to reveal his identity and go into 2021 together with an exclusive “Risk Register as a Service” (RRaaS) offering based on our joint experiences of the risks faced by our clients.

We’re starting this campaign with a series of events – unfortunately only in the virtual sense for the time being – at which participants will have the chance to meet and interact with this specialist and consider how secure and disaster-ready their organisations really are. The sessions will cover elements ranging from technology and cybercrime, catastrophe scenario modelling and of course human psychology – where many organisations still find most of their weaknesses lie.

Following these sessions, Galibier will publish reports in partnership with the by-now named advisor outlining the essentials that any organisation’s Risk Register should include in 2021.

Finally, the agency will roll out its Risk Register as a Service model as part of the company’s core offering, to complement our existing services managing the reputations of clients.