Been seduced by the glamorous, hellraising, champagne swilling, lavishly paid, fabulously dressed world of PR agencies? You’re not the only one pursuing this dream.

If you’re a graduate looking for your way in, take this one piece of advice: of the thousands of CVs and cover letters we receive, the vast majority get binned for exactly the same reason:

They’re all about you, what about us?

I don’t care how good your CV and cover letter are if they demonstrate zero evidence of why you want to work for this specific company. If they’re generic it’s immediately clear you’re playing the numbers game. You could have sent the same “Dear [insert name here]” approach to every employer in town for all I know.

If we used that same spray-and-pray approach in PR, we’d go out of business very quickly.

The only candidates that get interviews are the ones that have taken the time to think about, and demonstrate, why they are actually a good fit for this company. It’s amazing how few do.

It’s not hard either: five minutes on social media and Google can give you a lot of insight on a company’s people, personality, culture, clients, likes and dislikes, recent work and other nuggets of information. It’s not stalking, it’s basic research.

So next time you’re sending out your CV to a company, rather than immediately listing your achievements, try instead starting by telling them what you know about their company, and why you think you might fit in. If you get that right, you almost certainly will.